Beginner’s Help Guide To the TOEFL Independent Essay

Beginner’s Help Guide To the TOEFL Independent Essay

This guide is actually for low-level students writing their TOEFL that is first independent. Advanced students may decide to skip directly to our advanced guide.

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(note, students in a rush may decide to skip right to our TOEFL essay templates)

Start with making an overview of your essay. Look at the picture below:

The student starts by writing a point that is“main at the top the chart. This will be her “answer” to your question posed by the exam.

Underneath the main point the student writes two “reasons” to support the main point. These are broad rather than too specific. However, they have to be unique. The reason why shouldn’t be just like each other.

The student writes two “details. below each one of the reasons” These are more specific. They offer the good reasons and explain why they usually have cited the reasons. They might likewise incorporate examples through the student’s life that support the reasons.

Here’s an illustration outline for the question: “what’s the gift that is best to offer to a child?” It had been authored by an actual student. Think of it closely:

The student has filled when you look at the outline using point-form notes (not complete sentences). Her main point is “Best gift = pet.”

Her two academic custom essay reasons are “it is educational” and “it is an excellent friend.”

The important points through the first reason are “learn responsibility” and “learn stages of life.” The main points from the reason that is second “never judgmental” and “children often alone these days.” The student has bigger ideas. this woman is going to write on how caring for the pet teaches responsibility and she actually is likely to write that students are along because their parents are often away. but the outline is just her initial ideas.

The others for this article will show just how to turn this outline into a essay that is complete. I’ll use simple English for the article. Higher level students should probably use more advanced vocabulary and sentence structure.

I teach my students to write a four paragraph essay in the independent writing section. This sort of essay is long enough and that can be finished in the right time allowed. Advanced level students might try writing a five essay that is paragraph.

The four paragraph structure is:

  • Introductory Paragraph
  • Body Paragraph 1
  • Body Paragraph 2
  • Concluding Paragraph

Let’s begin with the introductory paragraph:

My students use a sentence-by-sentence strategy to write their introductions. The technique is it:

  • Sentence one: A “hook.” This is an sentence that is interesting comes before most of your point. It references the relevant question and draws your reader in to the essay.
  • Sentence two: your primary point. In one good, clear sentence state your main point. Don’t be too long. Arrive at the point!
  • Sentence three: A transitional sentence. Try something such as “I feel this means for two reasons.”
  • Sentence four: a single sentence summary of your first reason. Begin this sentence with “first” (you can leave this out if you should be low on time).
  • Sentence five: A one sentence summary of one’s second reason. Begin this sentence with “second” (you can leave this out if you’re low on time).

Referring to the question above and utilizing the given template, you can write an introduction similar to this:

“There are many great gifts that may be given to a kid. In my opinion that the gift that is best to provide a kid is a pet. I feel that way for two major causes, that I will explore in the essay that is following. First, a pet can be very educational. Second, a pet can be an excellent friend to a child that is young.

Observe that there are not any references to your details in this paragraph. Save those when it comes to physical body paragraphs.

Step three: Writing a body paragraph

This is your chance to show your essay off writing ability. I don’t teach a model that is strict this an element of the essay.

I do however, possess some rules that are basic. These are typically:

  1. Each reason gets its own paragraph. Don’t combine your reasons into one paragraph.
  2. Start your first paragraph with a transitional word or phrase like “first,” “to start with,” and your next paragraph with “second” or “secondly.”
  3. At the start of each body paragraph, clearly state your reason. Avoid using a hook, get to the just point. Next, state your details one after another, expanding every one to 3 or four sentences. It is possible to expand by including a example that is personal your daily life. Including examples that are personal your lifetime into the essay is okay. In fact, i would suggest it.
  4. You will need to use transitional phrases in in the middle of your details (“moreover,” “furthermore,” “also”).

Here is a good example body paragraph made using the outline that is above

“To begin with, a pet is a rather educational gift. Having a pet teaches children responsibility. A pet has got to be fed every day and be given to be able to exercise. The master of a pet has also to observe the ongoing health of their pet and do something if it becomes sick. Practicing this sort of responsibility is going to make a young child more aged. Moreover, a pet might help teach a child in regards to the stages of life. Animals grow even more quickly than humans and a child that is young learn a great deal by observing how their pet grows up. I had a pet gecko as a young child and watching it grow from an infant to a full-sized adult taught me a lot and got me very interested in biology and nature.”

Remember that the outline was followed by this paragraph above quite closely. I stated my reason after which supported it with details. I expanded the information significantly through the point-form utilized in my outline.

My second body paragraph is written in much the way that is same

“Secondly, personally i think that a pet makes friend that is great. It is great for children to own pets because they are never judgmental. A kid might have a day that is bad school or he might get in a fight along with his friends, but he will never fight along with his pet. It shall love him unconditionally. Furthermore, pets can prevent children from being lonely. These days parents are often too busy to blow time using their children. They often leave their kids home alone. This might leave some kids feeling lonely, but people that have pets will never feel alone.

And that is the body that is whole of essay! Look closely at how I used transitional words (“moreover” and “furthermore”) in between the two details in each paragraph.

I’m not a large fan of lengthy concluding paragraphs, primarily because the independent essay is pretty short. But i really do teach a three sentence technique:

  • Sentence one: re-state your main point and start with a phrase like “to sum it up…”
  • Sentence two: restate your two reasons, starting with a phrase that is transitional “this is because…”
  • Sentence three: once more, restate your main point but use different words

Here’s a conclusion for the essay we’ve been working with:

“To sum it up, I feel that a pet could be the absolute best gift to offer to a child. This is because pets are extremely educational, plus they make great friends. There really is no better gift that a young child can receive than a pet.”

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