Genesis 3

The Genesis III

Most Efficient, Eco-Friendly and Dependable Dry Cleaning Machine




  • 2x2x2 system
    Two tanks, two pumps circuit, and two cartridge filters guarantee perfectly cleaned solvents with no re-deposition and fresh and clean garments every load.
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Solvent Tanks
    Two solvent tanks are built to self-clean with the pre-programmed system during the washing cycle to achieve sludge free solvent tanks.
  • Smart Touch Screen Computer
    Genesis is equipped with the latest “Smart Touch” technology computer system which automatically controls and adjusts washing speed, solvent temperatures, extract speed, inverter speed, and drying temperatures. It features “Maintenance Alert System” which keeps accurate accounts of operation and alerts operator when routine maintenance are required. Other features include daily service reminder, manual overrides, air temperature controls, and soap injection control.
  • Self-Balancing Soft Mount System
    With 25 years of experiences in commercial and industrial laundry system, we have built the most quite and self-balancing soft mount system in the world. Maximum extraction speed of 800rpm, it guarantees the most quite and fastest extraction and drying cycle.
  • Flash Point Temperature Control Drying System
    Genesis is equipped with four thermostats to control the inlet and the outlet air temperatures as well as the refrigeration condenser and solvent temperatures. Temperatures are controlled to keep solvent vapor below the solvent flash point level. This safety system along with nitrogen (N2) injection system will assure the safety while achieving fast drying without overheating.
  • “Cascade” Washing System
    We have designed the basket and the housing to allow the solvent to spray into the basket from the top of the drum housing to give cascade effect during the wash cycle to achieve the most effective cleaning and stain removal.
  • Multi-Stage Water Separator
    two stage water separator only in Genesis assures the fast water/solvent separation and maximum solvent quality. This allows solvent purity and prevents bacteria and odor.
  • Front-Access Gages
    Filters, Compressed Air, and water pressure gages are located in the front for easy reading. All illuminated sight glasses and loading door use LED lights for quick and easy visual inspection.



Load Capacity 22kg 50lb
Drum Diameter 970mm 38inch
Depth 530mm 21inch
Drum Wash Speed 15-60 RPM
Low Extract 200-600
High Extract 600-800 RPM
Tank 1 & 2 Capacity 200 Liter 55 Gallon
Tank 1 & 2 Filter 2 Filter Each @ 470mm 2 Filter Each @ 18inch
Tank 1 & 2 Filter 2 Filter Each @ 470mm 2 Filter Each @ 18inch
Weight with Solvent 3000 kg 6600 lb
Tank 1 & 2 Filter 2 Filter Each @ 470mm 2 Filter Each @ 18inch
Tank 1 & 2 Filter 2 Filter Each @ 470mm 2 Filter Each @ 18inch
Motor 5.5kw/3p 7hp/3p
Fan Motor 2.2kw/3p 3hp/3p
Inverter 7.5kw 10hp
Pump Motor .75kw 1hp
Compressor 3.7kw
Refrigration R-404A
Electricity 220V, 3ph 60hz 11kw 5oamp
Air Pressure 6kg/cm² 86 psi
Steam Pressure 4-6kg/cm² 57-87 psi
Water Pressure 1+ kg/cm² 15+ psi
Dimension  2,000x 1,600x 2,200 mm 79 x 63x 87 inch
Weight 2,500 kg 5,500 lbs