Pants Topper

Hwasung Pants Topper


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  • Special spraying device and soaking device allows non-leakage of the steam and water.
  • Our internationally patented “Head of Iron” pours steam into the “head” and allowing perfect pressing of front and hip of pants without retouch up.
  • The vertical and horizontal motions of the “Head” works automatically and processes pressure twice ensure no wrinkles are formed
  • A built-in optical sensor of high-efficiency senses on the clamp(nipper) lowers end of pants and gives steam pressure when activated.
  • Shorts and other cotton pants can be processed normally.
  • Due to its convenient use, even beginner can press 60pcs per hour.
Electrical Power220V, 1 Phase, 60 hz
Steam15 kg/hr
Fan Motor500 W
Air57-87 psi or 4 -6 Kg/㎠
Dimension500 × 1,040 × 1,780 mm9.7 × 41 × 70.1 inch
Weight330 lb or 150 kg