New Smart Washer

New Smart Washer



45lb & 55lb


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80lb, 110lb, 155lb, 220lb, 265lb & 330lb





  • Washing machine designed for business and factories for large production quantity.
  • New Smart Washing Machine with Drum-type structure perfectly improved the high measure of capacity and inconvenience of the discharge hole of existing cleanness washing machine.
  • Due to a use of STS 316L stainless, it controls the chemical reaction of ultra pure water.
  • By adoption of up-to-date PLC and touch screen system, program upgrade is possible in real-time and so realization of programs only for the user is possible.
  • Due to the built-in sensor to control laundry input hole location, the input of laundry is more convenient.
  • Sensing of safety sensor on operating part and built-in D/C brake device was considered for your safety.
  • It guarantees decrease of the number of particles and clean washing.
  • Low-vibration type structure, durability, and precision of up-to-date balancing machine guarantee silence.
  • Hydraulic Shock Absorber only for washing machine developed by us guarantees noiselessness and softness in spite of its large size.
  • Specially designed Hub structure and Bearing System cut off occurrence o upkeep cost for the defect by maximizing durability.
  • Noiseless motor and powerful inverter system art proud of its strong washing and excellent durability.