New & Existing Setup

Machine World Depot specializes in remodeling existing or a construction of new dry cleaning and coin-operated laundry business.

With our expertise, we will create the most efficient and cost-saving production system for your business.
From start to finish.




In order to create the perfect setup for your business, one of our planning specialists will discuss all of your unique needs and concerns. We will work directly with you to design the best possible outcome within your specified budget. Machine World Depot can also help you finance your machines through our primary financial institution partner. 


Layout Planning

To ensure that we maximize the space and raise your productivity to the highest possible level, we take every detail into consideration during the layout phase before proceeding with construction. Only with your approval will we proceed to the construction phase.



From selecting the colors of the tiles to creating custom counter tops, Machine World Depot will handle every aspect of the design and construction, along with your approval at every step of the way. We also have a team of specialists that will help create a brand for your business through brochures, logos and themes so that you’ll be completely ready to launch a successful business from Day 1!


Training and Support

Our service doesn’t stop when the work is done. We will continue to share our industry knowledge on how to run an efficient and successful dry cleaner & laundromat business. We will provide a 12-month warranty on all our new equipment and lifetime customer support helpline for all your questions.